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Staffing Services & Recruiters

Consultants and contract employees are the perfect solution for any company which finds itself in any of the following situations:

  • You have a critical need or challenge that requires specific expertise or man-hours;
  • You have a temporary need to cover an extended absence;
  • You are under head count and budget restraints, but you still need to complete a specific goal;
  • You need a cost-efficient solution to the burden of hiring permanent employees;
  • Work is cyclical and requires a flexible workforce;
  • You would like to bring back a retired employee for a specific project;
  • You would like to supplement staff on a particular project which will help increase retention and decrease possible burn-out of your existing staff.

We have relationships with contract staffing professionals in Denver, Dillon, CO, Green Bay, WI and the surrounding areas ready to help for your temporary or project staffing needs.  No matter what your need is, our staffing recruiters will find the best available talent when and where you need them and employ them on your behalf. You simply pay an hourly rate and we take care of the rest–a high-value solution providing ultimate flexibility.  You get the expertise where your need it immediately.  Not only do you forego the expense of hiring, but your cost is variable rather than fixed.  As employer of record, we handle all payroll functions and pay all burdens, including payroll taxes, as well as professional and general liability insurance, workers compensation and unemployment benefits.  You can audition talent for a permanent position.

Even though contract employees may not be permanent additions to your team, they still impact your business and culture.  The candidates we place on contract assignment are either contract professionals that we work with on an ongoing basis, or direct hire candidates we have a relationship with.  Contracted professionals can provide the flexibility and extra support to meet the challenges of business growth, technology implementations, mergers and acquisitions and demand cycles.

JRP Group - Your Staffing Agency & Recruiter Solution in Denver, Dillon, CO and Green Bay, WI

Not sure about the numbers – bill rate, pay rate and cost of a contract professional? Contact our expert Starffing Recruiters here at JRP Group for an illustrative example.